Creative Reading Photo Challenge

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As a special celebration of the change of management here at eBook Bargains Today, I’m challenging you to submit photos of yourself or someone you know (but only with their consent) reading one or more of the books that have been or are being featured here on our website…BUT! The photo has to have a creative setting!

Authors, this is your big opportunity for some additional free advertising here on our website!

Readers, this is your opportunity to win prizes!

Challenge Rules

  • Submitting contestant must be a member of eBook Bargains Today’s Facebook group
  • The book must be one of the books advertised here on our website
  • The book may be an ebook or paperback
  • Challenge contestants may submit up to three images, as long as they are provably not of the same book
  • More than one contestant may submit images of someone reading the same title
  • The setting must be creative*, but can be indoors or outdoors
    • Creative does not mean imminent danger or serious potential for injury or death. Any images in settings deemed hazardous will be disqualified from the challenge and will not be posted on the website.
    • Creative also does not mean pornographic. Porn will also be disqualified and not posted.
    • We reserve the right to turn any images we deem unlawful in content over to the proper authorities to investigate.
    • No Photoshopping! (I’m a graphic designer. I WILL know!)
    • Backgrounds may, however, be used (as long as they are PG-13 or better)
  • Persons pictured must give their written consent to have their photo posted to the eBook Bargains Today website and must be appropriately dressed for general public viewing
  • Please submit an explanation detailing:
    • which book is being read
    • the Amazon book link
    • where it’s being read
    • who is reading it (first name is good)
    • who took the photo (first name again)
    • and, of course, your email address so we can contact you in case you win the challenge!
  • Please also submit written permission for your photo to be used on the website and on social media, and signed, written permission from your model for their image to be used on the website and on social media.

How to Participate

Go to the eBookBargainsToday Facebook group and message me with your photo entry and the information listed in the rules.

If your photo and info meets our requirements, we will post it to the website and to the group, and message you with the link so that you may share it to gain likes and comments.

This challenge will run until December 27, 2017. Challenge photos and explanations will be posted as they come in, but we reserve the right to spread the posts out so they don’t clog the feed.


Prizes and thumbnails of submitted images, and any additional information will be made available at:

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